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Group Fitness Classes in Summerside

Join me at Natasha’s Fitness for group fitness classes that will leave you feeling energized and ready for anything! When you work out with a group like this, you’ll be surprised at how much you can accomplish while laughing and having fun.

If you’re from across town or out of town, don’t be shy. Plenty of people drive from all over to come to my group classes – some even a few times a week!

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If you’ve never tried TRX, you’re missing out on a great challenge. This suspension training technique was designed by the U.S. Navy and uses your own body stance or position to create resistance. Use less equipment and get more training time in.

TRX Bootcamp

If you’re ready to dive into some serious training, TRX Bootcamp will take you there. Surround yourself with people who are pushing harder than ever before. Like all my group classes, TRX Bootcamp offers a great mix of cardio and strength.

Core Conditioning Class

This is a mat-style class, but don’t mistake that for relaxation. We’ll walk through a workout that specifically targets your abs, glutes, and lower back to give you incredible core strength. Once you’ve built up that strong core, you’ll feel it radiate to every part of your body.

The Most Satisfying Pain Hurts So Good

Fall in love with working out again. I’ve done it and so can you.

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