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The 28 Day Gut Make-Over (Holiday Edition)

How to keep your gut health in check over the holidays 

  • ●  4 meal plans (recipes and grocery list ) seasonal foods

  • ●  How to take care and eat for your gut this holiday

  • ●  4 Recipe videos (Chai spiced coconut milk, gingerbread protein shake, gingerbread

    protein balls, peppermint tea latte, Roasted winter salad)

  • ●  Holiday e-recipe books (Mocktails, Desserts/snacks, Side dishes, Breakfast,


  • ●  Holiday dinner sample menu

  • ●  Holiday leftovers ebook

  • ●  How to take care of your gut this holiday

  • ●  Holiday self care chart (list)

  • ●  Serotonin for stress relief and holidays

  • ●  sleep and holidays

  • ●  Holiday sayings about health and happiness

  • ●  Holiday gut health hacks

  • ●  4 weekly tips

Holiday Edition: The 28-Day Gut Make-Over

  • The holiday season brings an abundance of feasts and indulgent foods. We are bombarded with sugary and high-fat treats that are difficult to turn down. In addition, meal planning and exercise are often put on the back burner to make room for busy schedules.

    The holidays put a lot of pressure on us, in terms of sticking to our wellness goals, but you can navigate them without deviating from making healthy choices.

    Take the pressure off this season but enjoying the Holiday Edition of the 28-Day Gut Make-Over Program to enjoy the season while aligning with your health goals 

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