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As an Online Nutrition & Fitness Coach, Natasha’s Fitness sets forth the terms and conditions governing the activities of the website visitors and the relationship between the visitors and Natasha’s Fitness.
Terms must be defined according to the specific needs and nature of the online coaching services. For example, the Terms for online challenges and digital product offerings differ from the Terms of a website only providing information.
Our Terms provide Natasha’s Fitness the ability to protect themselves and their clients from potential legal exposure.

In general, what should be covered in our Terms & Conditions?

    Who can access and use our online services; what are the requirements to create an account (if relevant)

    Key commercial Terms offered to clients

    Retention of right to change offering

    Warranties & responsibility for services and products

    Ownership of intellectual property, copyrights, and digital products

    Right to suspend or cancel client access


    Limitation of liability

    Right to change and modify Terms

    Preference of law and dispute resolution

    Contact info

    Natasha’s Fitness recommends seeking legal advice to help understand and create the Terms for their online nutrition and fitness coaching services.
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